Let my people go!

Nov 5, 2011 | On Being Positive

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(It’s Leland again…hold the applause)

Saturday morning meant 1 thing.  Possible discharge pending the review of the two doctors.  The first one caught us during our morning stroll around the ward.  He was happy with how everything looked.  We then waited three hours for the second doctor to show up and sign off on Lynne leaving.

He was very pleased and said that she looked much better than the rest of the patients who’ve had the same procedure.

BUT, then our bad karma decided to rear its unwelcome head:

1)  They had a code on the floor and it appears that someone died.  Since it is a weekend, they have a smaller staff and all non-urgent needs (including ours) were put on hold.

2)  Power just went out in the hospital (12:45 p.m.).  I kid you not.  The generator kicked in and the hospital is functional, but the elevator isn’t running.  Lynne has stated that she has no issue taking the stairs if that gets us out of here.  I think she’d jump out the window if it weren’t locked.

But for some reason, the self-inflating bed that has been Lynne’s nemesis for the past 12 hours is still working.  No elevator, but the AeroBed keeps on chugging, go figure.

They trained me on how to milk and empty the 4 drains from her surgery.  I have to do this 4 times a day.  This is an activity sure to encourage marital bliss.  Today may be my last day of blogging…and breathing.

It is now 1:30 and no lunch by the way, we shared a bag of pistachio nuts.  Give me a shoelace, an old coffee can and half full glass of water and I’ll make some hobo chili at this point.

The one funny item of the day, is that one of the nurses from earlier in our stay is back.  Her name is Fatmata and is a lovely woman, who is generously proportioned.  Needless to say, we think that she is incredibly well named and have tried to keep the chuckles to a minimum as laughing hurts Lynne.  A challenge for me to not be funny as you can all imagine.


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