A letter from Meg Taylor, Executive Director of Capitol Squash

Feb 22, 2018 | Capitol Squash, Lynne Tapper

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Rarely do I say to someone “we are changing kids’ lives”

It always sounds so self-congratulatory and discounts the parents, teachers, and the students themselves. I usually say we’re changing their life trajectory or providing them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Right now two of our players, Julissa (left, below) and Henry, are flying back from Chicago. They were selected to SEA’s* High Performance Team and were participating in a training squad.

Four years ago, both Julissa and Henry were quiet kids lost in an underserved school classroom. Henry is a refugee who moved to the United States less than five years ago. Julissa’s mom works three jobs, seven days a week, to make ends meet.

We helped them get into Covenant Prep and Grace Academy, where they are in a class with only 13 other students. Julissa is anxiously waiting to hear from Choate, Taft, Westminster, Porter’s and so on. Henry, having struggled at his old school, is now a role model for his peers. He is ranked in the top 100 for his age group and is getting better every day. Without Capitol Squash, both Julissa and Henry would still be lost in a sea of students.

I keep kicking myself. They just flew to Chicago for one weekend to play squash.

They flew to Chicago. For one weekend. To play squash.

We are changing these kids’ lives. We still have so much work to do. Our students will need a tremendous amount of support in high school, college, and beyond. But this work is truly making a difference. I feel so grateful to get to see it happen before my eyes and I want to thank you for changing lives too.

Note: While Capitol Squash is grateful to SEA for underwriting the cost of this tremendous opportunity for Julissa and Henry, it’s important to highlight the role that Capitol Squash’s staff played in preparing, nominating and advocating for them to participate in this selective program.

*SEA (Squash + Education Alliance) is the National Organization of all Urban Squash programs. SEA launches and leads youth programs that combine squash, academics, mentoring, travel, and college support. Located in 23 cities, enrolling more than 2,500 children.

I am assuming, like me, this email gave you goosebumps! Knowing that everything we do can make a tangible difference in the lives of these Hartford kids makes we want to do more and more.

I hope you feel the same. Please click here to donate to my fundraising efforts for the Capitol Cup on March 24, 2018. http://bit.ly/tappercc2018

Thank you in advance!


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